Shiprepairing and shipbuilding Corporation is a modern company with a rich and colorful history. Shiprepairing and Shipbuilding craft has existed over 300 years in the town of Gorodets. We are direct successors of that glorious tradition!

    Our company was formed in 1918, that was a difficult time for the сountry. It passed along through heavy war and postwar years and continued its development during the Soviet period. Complex “restructuring” period brought its negative adjustments in the majority of large factories in our country, and here we were no exception: inevitably volumes of production got decreased, jobs reduced. The number of orders from the navy, being the main consumer of our products, dramatically grew down. The company was happened to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Situation Changes

    However, hard worker, experience and professionalism can not stay without any demand on the market for a long time. The situation gradually startedto change: today we have a lot of new customers and new orders, we design and launch new ships. Our team works today with the government of theRussian Federation and fulfill a large volume of work within the limits of the State Defense Procurement and Acquisition. To be specific here, wemean we work not for the needs of the Ministry of Defense only, but also for that of the Coast Guard of the Border Troops of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Thanks to unique skills and experience of our specialists we are rightly seen as a basic company of the Navy of the RussianFederation specializing in building of the floating causeways for great sea ships and submarines. And above all, we have already worked with a state customerrepresented by the Ministry of Defense of Russia for several years. We do successfully cooperate with great private companies both Russian andforeign ones accomplishing their orders on developing and building floating repairing docks for them ( to tell the truth, by the way, they haven’t beenbuilt in Russia and the CIS for around 20 years), and also other objects of different assignment.

    Unique Production

    We do not tread water, we always keep on developing and changing acquiring new technologies and ways of production.Around 90 years ago we started with ship repairing and gradually proceeded to shipbuilding. In the beginning, weconstructed our first wooden barges,then successfully mastered producing the ships made of metal, after that tookup building from reinforced concrete and composition material (steel plus reinforced concrete). As a result, so farwe appear to be a unique company of the Russian Federation that completely keeps on developing both directions of shipbuilding at once — metal andcomposite ones.

    The key point – our team

    The SSC company has always paid attention to whose hands play an indispensable role in constructing the ships — we mean our workershere. We create the most productive and supportive atmosphere for them, providing them with a good benefits package, medical insurance. The logicalresult of such a politics has become a double increase of workers’ quantity during the last year.

    Not standing still

    The SSC company of nowadays is a modern and perspective corporation. While many factories trying to grasp forany chance to rent out shop facilities being empty for a long time, we lay down building one more vessel and body shopfacility, we come over to working on a double-shift basis. Thanks to ideas of our project department we created our owncontemporary and necessarily outfitted Research and Development Center (RD C) where young and talented engineers fullof new ideas, power and energy for their realization work together with young administration up to the collective body.

    We can and like to work with difficult and extraordinary projects, to decide the tasks never done neither by us nor by others.

    We are sure that despite our rich history we are only at the very beginning, truly to say. A great deal of new interesting projects are ahead yet, we suppose.


    On the 30th of August, 1918 – The order №330 issued.“…It seems reasonable to localize all the repairs inone common workshop for the whole backwater, andsurely the stoned 2-floored building of the formermill is suitable for this p urpose…” This day is believed tobe considered as the date of formation of the Gorodetsshipyard as a state enterprise.

    On the 18th of February, 1918 — the act about nationalization of wintering in Gorodets backwater ships is signed. All the ships situated in thebackwater become the state property. 

    In 1920s-1930s — expansion of production volume, introduction of new productivity capacities, active construction of the buildings on the area of the backwater.

    In 1930 — the manufacturing college of the Gorodets shipyard is opened. In the beginning of 1931 — the Gorodets backwater is renamed as the Gorodets shipyard.

    In 1932 — building of 10 barges for the Amur River. The conveyor production system is firstly applied at the enterprise.In 1933 — studying of new types of ships: the cruisers for transporting the passengers known as “river trams”. 

    In 1940 — a Base construction bureau is organized at the shipyard (BCB).

    1941-1945s — the war time. Like most of the factories in the country, the yard works for the battlefield needs. It issues the accommodation hulks, propeller-driven sledges, dragharrows,mine cases. Many workers left for the battlefield are replaced at the production by their wives and children. The enterprise studies an unusual for itself technology that is the production of accommodationhulks.

    In 1946 — the beginning of a peaceful production recovery. The factorydelivers 3 heavy-tonnage wooden barges.In 1947 — they produced 10 wooden barges with deadweight of 2.4 tons.

    In 1948 — continuing the peaceful production recovery. 22 heavytonnage barges are heaved off.

    In 1948 — a new production of metal dry-cargo barges with cargo capacity of 600 ton is launched.

    In 1949 — the beginning of the reinforced concrete ships production. At that very moment a reinforced concrete production was an absolutelynew direction for the factory. There were neither specialists, nor particular technologies for this, they were forced to get to know many thingsexperimentally. The only one special equipment to help was a not big mixing machine. The first reinforced floating landing stage with sizes 5x12x3 m was heaved off in 1949.

    In 1950 — the three reinforced concrete floating landing stages were constructed.

    In 1950 — reconstruction of the shipyard was help because of building of the Gorkiy hydro-electric power station.

    In 1951 — the company fully came over to producing reinforced concrete and metal vessels and it also becomes the main base of reinforced concreteshipbuilding on the Volga river.

    In 1952 — moving from monolithic way of concrete pouring of the bodies to a sectional type.

    In 1953 — a campaign way of building the ships is developed and started to be used.

    In 1956 — Design and technology bureau on reinforced concrete shipbuilding is organized at the shipyard.

    In 1960 — the Gorodets yard gets the order on building of the first marine vessel named as a fish-freezing base. A successful solution of this completely new technical task lets the company launch one more new direction in production.

    In 1969 — building of a new marine vessel — a dock with cargo weight of 4.5 thousand tons for repairing the ships of the fishing craft (the photoabove).

    In 1970s — period of the technical modernization of production: building of blind steam-curing chambers of floor type with automatic operating mode of steam curing is ended, universal scaffolds on shipbuilding berth of metal shop are made and come in use. Also a line for a hot galvanizing is organized, reconstruction of building slipway is held with the purpose of enhancing its weight capacity and minimizing to the little the deadlines of fitting out the ships on the water.

    In 1974 — a unification of the Gorodets shipyard and the Central design bureau “Monolit” into the production society “Gorodets”. A new organization lets essentially reduce expenses and increase the production quality.

    In 1980 — there is implemented the technology of position flow building of docks by permanent formation of the reinforced concrete light –lift dock pontoons at the shipyard.

    In 1984-88s — building of a unique heavy-tonnage floating composite repairing dock with cargo capacity of 15 thousand tons, assigned to docking of floating drilling rigs (Baku City).

    In 1995 — by that time more than 200 of various ships made on reinforced concrete bodies are built at the enterprise.

    In 1996-2006s — massive reduction of the State Defense procurement and acquisition. There have been built just a few of quay berths for the Navy on the shipbuilding ways of the factory. The main field of concern is a shiprepairing.

    In 2006 — a unique modernization project of oil fuel barge “Demetra” is realized. The ship becomes longer than 15 meters, its cargo capacity is increased as well.

    In 2008-2009 — a commercial metallic shipbuilding is studied and practiced. There are built two chemical carrier tankers at the enterprise forthe Rensen Shipbuilding Bv Company, Netherlands.

    In 2010 — the enterprise accomplishes the research and development project on designing and building of a border landing stage for the needs of the Coast guard of the border troops of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

    In 2014 — a new concrete factory ‘Tecwill Oy’ was launched and a floating repairing dock Project 28140 was produced for ZAO ‘Azerbaijan CaspianSea shipping company’. 

    Nowadays — continuing the cooperation of the SSC and the Navy in the sphere of building quay berths for large overwater and underwater ships.