Challenging history

Shiprepairing and shipbuilding Corporation is a modern company with a rich and colorful history. Shiprepairing and Shipbuilding craft has existed over 300 years in the town of Gorodets. We are direct successors of that glorious tradition!

Our company was formed in 1918, that was a difficult time for the сountry. It passed along through heavy war and postwar years and continued its development during the Soviet period. Complex “restructuring” period brought its negative adjustments in the majority of large factories in our country, and here we were no exception: inevitably volumes of production got decreased, jobs reduced. The number of orders from the navy, being the main consumer of our products, dramatically grew down. The company was happened to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

However, hard worker, experience and professionalism can not stay without any demand on the market for a long time. The situation gradually startedto change: today we have a lot of new customers and new orders, we design and launch new ships. Our team works today with the government of the Russian Federation and fulfill a large volume of work within the limits of the State Defense Procurement and Acquisition. To be specific here, wemean we work not for the needs of the Ministry of Defense only, but also for that of the Coast Guard of the Border Troops of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. >>>more